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Conference "Ageing population - a challenge for the European Union"

Four Points

Four Points - Pot za Brdom 4

Article on the event: Ageing population - a challenge for the European Union

Pictures of the event:


1pm – 3pm

Main topic: demographic change in Europe

Keynote Speakers:

  • Ivo VAJGL, EDP MEP and substitute of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Karl ERJAVEC, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President of the Government of Slovenia, President of DeSUS
  • Sarah EL HAÏRY, Member of the French National Assembly for Loire-Atlantique and Mouvement Démocrate Spokesperson

Experts will intervene on

What kind of demographic changes are expected in the EU in the next decades and which policy areas will they affect?

dr. Daniela VONO DE VILHENA, Research Scientist and Scientific Coordinator at Population Europe/Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

What are the expectations of todays’ and future pensioners on the rights to old-age income? What are the implications for gender equality? Is an adequate income in old age a fundamental right necessary for every individual’s dignity and independence?

Maciej KUCHARCZYK, AGE, Policy Director

How does demographic change affect young people´s lives?

dr. Mitja JERAJ, Assistant Professor, GEA College

and finally: What is the EU`s answer to such rapid demographic change?

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