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Looking back on the week of our parliamentary delegation in Washington DC

It is particularly important for Democrats on both sides to work more closely together.

Christophe Grudler: " Building and developing a competitive advantage in the hydrogen sector by working together in Europe!"


Convinced that hydrogen is an energy of the future, MoDem MEP Christophe Grudler - member of the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy - shares with us the next innovations in this field.

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a gas made from water and electricity produced from renewable energy sources, through a process called "water electrolysis". It is contrasted with grey hydrogen, which is produced from fossil fuels. This technological process allows the production of hydrogen called "decarbonated" hydrogen, because neither its production nor its use emits CO2, if the source of electricity used is even decarbonated or renewable (wind turbines, solar panels, hydro turbines, etc.).

What opportunities for collaboration do you see at the European level in order to develop the hydrogen sector?

I think there are many of them, which is why I am very involved in supporting the development of this energy of the future through my mandate as a Member of the European Parliament! I am delighted to see that the French strategy is fully in line with a European dynamic, in conformity with the objectives announced by the European Commission in the framework of its Hydrogen Strategy announced in July 2020. France is also particularly active in the European Hydrogen Alliance, which brings together European players from the entire hydrogen sector to rapidly implement large-scale projects.

The adopted French Hydrogen Plan should make it possible to strengthen ties with our European partners and to develop ambitious projects together. As early as 2021, the French government will build an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEIs) on hydrogen, based on the model of what has been done in the framework of the European Battery Alliance. This project will concern the whole value chain at European level.

Many French and European companies are at the cutting edge of technology in this field and have the capacity to produce clean hydrogen. I am convinced that by working together at the European level, we will be able to gain and develop a competitive advantage in the hydrogen sector and thus face foreign competition from the United States and China.

In this respect, I would like to emphasise that it is essential to strengthen collaboration between European researchers, by facilitating industrial cooperation, as well as by developing our funding, for example with the Horizon Europe programme.


Find Christophe Grudler's full analysis of the hydrogen plan presented by the French government on the Mouvement Démocrate website.