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François Bayrou: "A great opportunity for the United States and for the world!

Following the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States and the historic election of Kamala Harris as the country's first female Vice President, the European Democratic Party welcomes this result.
Laurence Farreng EP


Culture and education play a key role in driving the societal change we must achieve. We can use the programmes smartly to contribute to the wider environmental objectives.

Enforcement report by Marie-Pierre Vedrenne: Agreement in tripartite talks!

Portrait Vedrenne

After a first round completed on 6 July, the three European institutions - the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament - showed ambition by approving a common position on this regulation, initially presented in December, and in reaction to the blockage of the WTO Appellate Body and the irresponsible behaviour of the United States.

"I welcome this agreement between our institutions to respond to this uncertain business environment. As the European Parliament, we have succeeded in convincing the Council of the need to strengthen the European Union's trade policy, to make it more credible, more effective and more ambitious. The revision of this regulation will play a full part in strengthening the Union's strategic autonomy. "said French MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne.

"We are going through a period of great uncertainty and increasing trade tensions. We need to remind our partners that there are rules governing international trade and that they must be respected by all. »

With the revision of this regulation, the European Union will finally be able to take counter-measures in the field of goods and public procurement, as well as services and intellectual property rights. It is above all a question of ensuring the effectiveness of our counter-measures and being credible vis-à-vis our trading partners. The aim is to strengthen Europe's sovereignty on the international stage and finally assert itself as a trading power.

"If Europe needs to build up its muscles in order to be respected, then let's give it the means to do so and be consistent. This is what is at stake in my proposals and the position of the European Parliament. The Commission has heard our appeal and President Ursula von der Leyen has undertaken to present, by the end of 2021 at the latest, a new instrument to deter and counteract coercive measures by third countries. This is a real paradigm shift. There is an urgent need for the European Union to develop such an instrument to respond to clear violations of international law by certain third countries. Our credibility is at stake. »

"Finally, the rules must also apply to sustainable development. With this regulation, the Commission has made a very clear commitment to treat all violations of labour rights, climate change or human rights provisions at the same level as complaints about access to the markets of our trading partners. This is a first step forward, but we are waiting for further concrete and ambitious proposals to ensure that the commitments on sustainable development are effectively respected and implemented".