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Marielle de Sarnez


Marielle de Sarnez, Secretary General of the European Democratic Party, died on Wednesday 13th January 2021. Our political family is in mourning.

European cultural recovery: a strong and ambitious resolution

European Parliament
European Parliament

On Thursday 17 September, MEPs adopted by a very large majority (598 in favour, 42 against, 46 abstentions) the resolution promoted by the French MEP Laurence Farreng, on European cultural recovery. This is the first text of this Parliament's mandate on culture.

This resolution raises an alarming observation: in the many tools and mechanisms created in the framework of the great European recovery plan Next Generation EU, European cultural and creative actors are absent. There is nevertheless an urgency: the first to close, European cultural sites and venues are the last to reopen, with reduced capacity, leading to further losses for artists, creators, workers and businesses in a cultural sector already largely affected by COVID-19.

Culture has always been a key issue for European Democrats. As highlighted in our manifesto for the 2019 elections, education and exchanges are the two major keys to the future. The intensification of political and cultural exchanges between citizens plays a central role in the creation of a European identity and stimulates forms of cooperation between European citizens. 
ERASMUS plays a vital role in strengthening the mutual knowledge of different European cultures, building common ground, and in the emergence of a European people

"This is a strong and ambitious resolution for the cultural world in Europe, and the fact that it receives such support from the plenary is revealing", Laurence Farreng declared. "European actors in the performing arts, cinema, literature, heritage and the graphic arts, for example, make an incalculable contribution to the shaping of our European identity; it would be inconceivable that they should not be taken into account in this recovery plan, and this vote clearly shows this. It would be inconceivable that they would not be taken into account in this recovery plan, and this vote clearly shows this. It is therefore a strong signal to the Member States in the context of their recovery plans: freedom of expression, cultural diversity and access to culture for all, which are values enshrined in our Treaties, are at stake. ».

The European Parliament calls for at least 2% of the European Recovery Plan to be allocated to the cultural and creative sectors and industries, which provide 4% of European GDP and employ more than 7 million Europeans. MEPs also voted for a large source of European funding to be mobilised for the cultural and creative sectors and for the transposition without delay of European texts that rebalance the distribution of value for the benefit of creators (Copyright and Audiovisual Media Services Directives).