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For a sustainable and responsible management of our forests

European Forest

During the last plenary session of the European Parliament, MEPs voted a report on the European Forestry Strategy.

As French MEP Christophe Grudler (MoDem) explains: "Forests cover 43% of the territory of the European Union, hence the importance of a European strategy for this sector. The ambition of this text is to reconcile sustainable forest management, while guaranteeing an economic activity that fully benefits the territories and local populations. "Forests play a decisive role in the response to ecological crises, they are important carbon sinks and areas rich in biodiversity. On the other hand, forest areas are key territories for our economy. In the European Union, there are more than 500,000 direct jobs in forestry alone.

EDP Executive Vice President and German MEP Ulrike Müller (FW) emphasises that: "We need to adapt forest management to the new challenges. Today, climate and nature protection deserves greater attention. The consequences of climate change make forests more vulnerable to pests and forest fires. Thanks to research and practical experience, we now know more about specific factors and the ecosystem services of forests. Local recreation for people, the importance of healthy soils, the formation of humus, the storage of water available for plants! "Thus it is important to say: "A one-sided focus on forests as CO2 sinks is far from sufficient. »

Ulrike Muller concludes: "I refuse to make forests strictly protected areas. Forests are not static natural history museums; the cultural landscape is constantly changing. Only through active management can we meet the challenges. »

To this end, she calls for a balanced promotion of the different functions of forests and to leave room for manoeuvre for their development and for a sustainable and responsible management of our forests. The European Democrat MEPs are now awaiting the European Commission's proposal on the subject, which is due to arrive in early 2021.