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In Rome, the European vanguard for the 60th anniversary of the EU

Developing proposals "for a European refoundation" was the objective of the conference "Europe's future hangs in the balance" organized by the European Democratic Party, led by Francesco Rutelli and François Bayrou.

From the Europhobic positions of the new US administration to the Eurosceptic parties that are spreading in all countries, until the difficulty of creating a citizens' Europe: this is the subject of the debate and reflections of the PDE on the eve of the ceremony tomorrow In the Capitol for the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaties. The conference began with a performance by soprano Sabina Meyer, accompanied by theorbo Simone Colavecchi, who performed a piece of Claudio Monteverdi. Among the guests were Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, Secretary for Foreign Affairs Benedetto Della Vedova and Sandro Gozi, Secretary for European Affairs.

"Euroscepticism is like skepticism about vaccines, you forget what was before," said Minister Lorenzin in her speech, who later explained, "we must start with where the evils began, That is, the absence of a European Constitution, of what it means to be together beyond the technocratic rules ". According to the minister, there are four key points to re-establish the union: immigration, coordinated foreign and security policy, innovation and research and, finally, common defense policy.

And if for Della Vedova "there is an ideological battle between those who want a closed world and those who want to open it" and these can win only if "against those who say no to Europe, not to the euro, we provide an opposite story, but equally strong." For Gabriele Molinari, Regional Councilor of Piedmont, there is no need for too much rhetoric, "we have to simplify language and content in order to be more visible".

"Compared with 2004, when we created the EDP, Italy is more skeptical and disappointed by the European Union, because even those who were enthusiastic did not find the Europe they were hoping for," said Sandro Gozi. "During these years, the Mediterranean, which was the cradle of European values, has become the cemetery of our continent. That is why we must give the possibility of another Europe and save it from the populists but also from the mistakes that the Union has made. Some have been corrected but there is still much to be done. " Taking up a long-standing proposal, the Secretary for European Affairs then proposed to use the seats that will be left empty by the British deputies to elect the candidates for the transnational elections.

For Sandro Gozi, "the solution to defeating populism is the creation of a" social union ", already provided for in the treaties, but which does not exist. We cannot accept that the veto of a state that prevents us from advancing, if necessary, you will have to resort to a multi-speed Europe."

The conference concluded after the EDP Secretary General, Marielle de Sarnez, with a show of hands, who unanimously approved the party's policy document on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the treaties.

Download the document (PDF)

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