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Let's give the EU its own budgetary resources to better meet the needs of European citizens

European Parliament

The EU should have its own budgetary resources to better meet the needs of European citizens. This key objective is at the heart of Gerard Deprez's report adopted this week by the Committee on Budgets (BUDG).

For the Belgian MEP Gérard Deprez, there is an "urgent need to introduce new own resources to gradually replace contributions from national budgets. We propose a package of new resources chosen according to their ability to support the Union's strategic policies creating real European added value" and he explains that: "Contrary to popular belief, no tax is currently decided and perceived at the European level and none will be set for the implementation of these new own resources"

EDP Delegate General also stresses that: "The implementation of this package must be done respecting the fiscal sovereignty of the States and without increasing the overall tax burden on the European taxpayer."

He eventually concludes that " the current system of financing the Union's budget is running out of steam. The contributions of national budgets, which constitute the bulk of them, are severely squeezed by fiscal consolidation policies. The discounts, rebates on discounts, corrections introduced over the years have turned the Union's budget into a monster of complexity, incomprehensible to citizens."



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