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Syria's future stability is the goal we must achieve, our collective security depends on it!

European Parliament

 After the strikes, the French Parliament debated the French intervention in Syria, speaking as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, EDP Secretary General Marielle de SARNEZ said :

 "Our debate is fully in line with the institutional balance defined by our Constitution.

To the executive, the initiative of the commitment, but the obligation to inform and report; to the Parliament, the control of the modalities and political objectives of the intervention.

This debate is therefore a useful democratic exercise. But, for the future, I think we will no doubt have to think about mechanisms that would allow our parliament better access, at an earlier stage, to the information that drives the commitment decision.

The President of the Republic had clearly announced that the use of chemical weapons in Syria, in violation of international law and Security Council resolutions, could not go unpunished.

France's military intervention was therefore predictable, expected and in line with the commitments made.

This operation was carried out by France and its partners with responsibility, in a controlled, proportionate framework, limited to the desired effect: the destruction of the chemical capabilities of the Syrian regime in order to prevent any further use. Any risk of escalation has been deliberately avoided. There were no civilian or military casualties.

This intervention was conducted with respect for what makes the uniqueness and strength of the French position: autonomy and independence, both in terms of initiative and execution.

It reflects France's special responsibility as a permanent member of the Security Council, a responsibility that has its roots in history and even recent history and that makes our country considered the most impartial guardian of the rule of international law and the defence of human rights.

It was in the name of these principles that France opposed the war in Iraq; it was these same principles that decided France to put an end to the impunity of those who launched these chemical attacks.

France must now relaunch the political and diplomatic process in Syria. Because, as we all know, there can be no military solution in Syria, and it is indeed to a comprehensive exit strategy that we must devote all our efforts. 

France's political objectives are known, they are recalled at this very moment at the UN: the eradication of terrorism and the elimination of Daesh; the establishment of a mechanism to investigate chemical weapons; a ceasefire throughout Syrian territory; access to humanitarian aid for civilians; and the establishment of an exit plan to prevent both the partition of Syria and the exclusion of certain communities.

France occupies a special place, a singular place. It is today the only power in a position to speak with confidence with all the countries and with the powers that exert their influence, Russia, Iran and Turkey. All interested communities must also be involved, I am thinking in particular of the Kurds.

Ladies and gentlemen, this war has been going on for more than seven years. The record is terrible, it is appalling. More than three hundred and fifty thousand dead, 500,000 say some NGOs, tens of thousands of enforced disappearances, millions of internally displaced persons, and more than five million Syrians forced to leave their country. 

This terrible record dictates our duty and underlines its urgency. France's respected and committed voice is one of the only ones that can be heard. Syria's future stability is the goal we must achieve, our collective security depends on it, and we know the way, a political agreement between all the parties, an agreement guaranteed by the international community, which gives the Syrian people responsibility for its future.

This path is undoubtedly difficult to reach. But we are sure of at least one thing, for our country and all those who listen to us in the world, there is no other!

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