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Transnational lists: A first step towards a pan-European democracy

Soazig de la Moissonnière

Commenting on this morning’s vote on the transnational lists, held in the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Marielle de SARNEZ, Secretary General of the European Democrats, said:

"This evolution is now possible with the United Kingdom leaving the EU and therefore the redistribution of seats. In this context, I support the creation of transnational lists drawn up with European personalities aiming at EU key positions.

This is the first step towards a pan-European democracy and I express the hope that this vote will be confirmed during the next Plenary session in Strasbourg and the European Council next month."

A Genuine European Parliament is one of the EDP key proposals. We therefore propose the election of 15% of MEPs in a single European constituency, with a candidate for the presidency of the European Union at the top of the list.

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