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Transnational lists: An ambitious agenda for a reformed EU

Soazig de la Moissonnière

Commenting on the conclusions of the European Council held today in Brussels, Marielle de SARNEZ, Secretary General of the European Democrats, said:

“I welcome the ambitious work programme adopted by the Heads of State and Government which aims to give the EU a new impetus for the 2019 European elections. In the meantime, important commitments made at this European Council will have to be honoured so that citizens can regain confidence in Europe, particularly in the areas of asylum, immigration, defence policy and trade policy.

The reform of the Economic and Monetary Union, which will be drawn up gradually over the next two years, is the cornerstone of this work programme, to ensure that the euro area has a real economic policy and is equipped with the tools for action on growth and employment.

The European elections of May 2019 will have to be a great democratic moment for citizens to express their views on this reformed Union. With this in mind, the proposal, endorsed by this European Council, to establish transnational lists, in accordance with modalities that have yet to be defined by June 2018, is a crucial step forward towards a pan-European democracy.

The departure of the British MEPs will provide the necessary the seats for this progress. In this regard, I regret that British Prime Minister Theresa May has not been able to meet the prerequisites of the European Council to open the second phase of negotiations on the future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. We can only talk about the future when the past is over and I hope that agreement can be reached quickly on this precondition, because the timetable is beginning to be very tight.”

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