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Looking back on the week of our parliamentary delegation in Washington DC

It is particularly important for Democrats on both sides to work more closely together.

Member of the EDP

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Jeunes Démocrates Européens

European Union

Leader: Asier AREITIO

2020: Election of Asier Areitio as President and a new member from Romania
2019: Joined the EDP
2018: Election of Begoña Garteizaurrekoa as President
2017: 2 new members from Germany and Canary Islands
2016: Election of Antoine Carette as President and a new member from Greece
2014: Election of Miroslava Demkova as President and 2 new members from France and Croatia
2011: Election of Marco Cappa as President and 3 new members in Slovakia and Poland
2007: Creation and first congress in Vilnius, Lithuania
7 members in Italy, France, San Marino, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Basque Country