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11th Dialogues of Bilbao: Europe & Latin America between drama, populism and hope

The European Democratic Party (PDE-EDP) organised in November the "XI Dialogues of Bilbao", in Bilbao.

The aim of this half-day seminar, "Europe - Latin America between drama, populism and hope", in which fifty European and Latin American experts took part, was to tackle the profound transformations that are taking place in the field of politics at world level and, more specifically, in Europe and Latin America with the emergence and consolidation of populist movements. The experts tried to explore solutions to stop these populist dynamics that endanger the democratic system and freedoms.

To this end, we counted on the participation, as speakers, of Julio Borges, former president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, in the period 2017-2018; and Gabriela Cuevas, World President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Senate.

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