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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

2022 Hungarian elections: Sailing against the wind


In April 2022, general elections will be held in Hungary. It would be an opportunity to get rid of the quasi-authoritarian Orban-regime. As it is well known by now over Europe, this regime that is ruling the country at present time changed the election system for its own favour. Winning in general elections for any opposition party became as difficult as sailing against the wind. It has become obvious that the only way to defeat Orban's party, the Fidesz, is to unite all the opposition forces and to find the most capable candidates for parliamentary seats and for the prime minister's velvet chair. To avoid the possible accusations that this selection process will be carried out in dark rooms closed from the public, the political parties of the democratic opposition decided to hold primary elections. This initiative is unprecedented in Hungary until present time. The primary will last for 9 days, from 18th to 26th, September. Out of the 106 election districts, 40 have New Start (our party in Hungary) backed candidates, among them Krisztina Hohn, Hungarian MP and New Start president and Szilard Gyenes, New Start vice-president. The other vice-president and EDP deputy secretary general, Istvan Serto-Radics, as the member of the Primary Election Commission, which is in charge of conducting the primary, represents the interests of the party's 40 candidates during the campaign and the election process.

Recent polls show that the democratic parties all together beat the Fidesz with a small margin; hence, the stakes are as high as the possibility of defeating Orban's party in the next general elections.

A year ago, New Start launched a new political approach called "Social Contract" for the opposition to find the best ways of electoral integration. Nowadays political events and facts in Hungary prove the results of their last year's initiative.