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We have a duty to share our European dream with our fellow citizens, sharing values of respect for human dignity, the rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility.

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A significant success regarding the respect for European values: activation of Article 7 against Hungary

European Parliament

For the first time, the European Parliament calls on Member States to initiate the procedure set out in Article 7 against Hungary on the grounds of a risk of threat to EU values by a 448-197 majority vote.

EDP Secretary General Marielle de Sarnez emphasised this significant success at the European Parliament and French MEP Nathalie Griesbeck pointed out that: "Once again, the European Parliament shows its commitment to respect for the rule of law, which is the foundation of our Union. Let us not be seduced by populist speeches: today we did not vote against Hungary, and especially not against the Hungarian people. Today, we have voted in favour of our values, our freedoms, in favour of Europe and the citizens! ".

EDP Vice-President and German MEP Ulrike Müller stressed that "Our signal is clear: enough is enough! Orban must be held accountable. Our common values are not negotiable."

EDP Individual member and Slovenian MEP Ivo Vajgl concluded that this is "the ultimate consequence of which can be the abolition of voting rights in Hungary for violating EU fundamental values."