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Adoption of the 100-100 GI agreement: another victory on trade issues

EU China

Adoption of the 100-100 agreement between the European Union and China on protected geographical indications: the European Parliament takes another step towards protecting our producers and defending fair international trade.

This agreement guarantees the protection of 100 European geographical indications on the Chinese market, and reciprocally, the protection of 100 Chinese geographical indications on the European market.

This new victory in international trade makes it possible, firstly, to offer European Union producers the protection of their know-how and, secondly, to promote our standards, the highest in the world, for Chinese geographical indications.

Marie-Pierre Vedrenne MEP (MoDem, France) as permanent rapporteur on China for the Renew Europe group welcomes the adoption: "This agreement is an excellent first step which provides for a high level of protection and above all an unprecedented level of protection in China. It constitutes a real protection, especially in the fight against unfair competition and counterfeiting. Our objective now is to go further and significantly increase the number of protected geographical indications. »

The new European trade rules officer, Denis Redonnet, will have a pre-eminent role to play in this agreement, ensuring that it is properly implemented and will have to intervene if it is not. Specific attention will have to be paid to ensure that the agreement between the United States and China does not interfere with the EU-China agreement. "As with any trade agreement, negotiation and ratification are essential steps and not an end in themselves, monitoring implementation is also crucial, and I will ensure that this is done".

This agreement is a first step in our trade relationship with China, however we must be clear with our trading partner on three points: the Chinese government must strengthen its involvement in the World Trade Organization, particularly in the area of subsidy control, the violation of freedoms in Tibet, Hong Kong and vis-à-vis the Uyghurs must stop and significant commitments must be echoed in the Paris Agreement: "It is inconceivable that the strengthening of EU-China relations, however necessary it may be, can be achieved at the cost of silence on the alarming human rights situation in the country. ». In the resolution that accompanies the agreement, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne has thus allowed all these issues to be included.

It is in this way that we will be able to cooperate, establish a long-lasting and trusting relationship, all while defending our interests and values.