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Andoni Ortuzar re-elected as President of EAJ-PNV

Andoni Ortuzar - EBB

Our Basque member, EAJ-PNV, yesterday held its National Assembly to elect its President and the members of the Executive Board. Our Executive Vice President, Andoni Ortuzar, was re-elected for the next four years President of Euzkadi Buru Batzar - the party's executive body - by unanimous decision of the one hundred members of the EAJ-PNV National Assembly.

Andoni Ortuzar, in his speech stated that: "As the main party in the country, it is up to us to be the main protagonists to generate enthusiasm in this society and in the future of the Basque Country".

Andoni Ortuzar thus begins his third term at the top of the EAJ-PNV of which he became president on 12 January 2013. The renewal of the Euzkadi Buru Batzar also took place with the election of its eight members, including Mireia Zarate, also President of the Sabino Arana Foundation, and Mikel Burzako, Secretary General of our foundation, the Institute of European Democrats.