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Between current news and new mandate - Europe's Days 2019


The European Democratic Party gathered from 27 to 29 September for the 2019 edition of the Europe's Days in Guidel, France, near Lorient.

Plenary conferences and workshops came one after the other, bringing together high level speakers, elected officials and activists. These Days were particularly marked by the presence of the newly elected MEPs Sylvie Brunet, Laurence Farreng, Christophe Grudler and Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, offering an opportunity for participants to meet them and discuss the challenges of the new mandate of the European Parliament.



The first plenary conference dealt with the theme "Europe and the world facing the rise of perils", in the presence of Jean-Claude Casanova, economist and director of the magazine Commentaires; Yannick Mireur, political scientist, with as moderators Marguerite Deprez-Audebert and Frédéric Petit, MPs respectively from Pas-de-Calais and for French people living outside France . In the light of recent events such as the still inextricable situation of Brexit, the policy of Donald Trump, the investment of crowds against climate change through the popular success of the Swedish Greta Thunberg, the speakers joined forces to highlight the crisis in international relations, as Jean-Claude Casanova explains: "We are in a period of very great difficulties in interpreting international relations. As a result, the large so-called multilateral institutions, which were largely dominated by the United States, are themselves in crisis. »



At a second conference, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, Member of the European Parliament, exchanged with Guy Verhofstadt, former President of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament - which became Renew Europe in July 2019 - President of the Brexit Monitoring Group and responsible for the future Conference for Europe. In front of the audience, the current events of Brexit and the question of the reform of the European Union were discussed. Guy Verhofstadt called in particular for a review of the unanimity rule in European decision-making and the establishment of transnational lists in European elections. "These are the main challenges for reform, for this conference: to say what the new system is, what European democracy is in the future, how to change it, how to give a real voice to citizens" he added.



At the same time, various thematic workshops were also held in the presence of experts and elected officials who came to analyse various issues interactively. Workshops were held on institutional developments and new power relations after the elections of 26 May 2019, also on Europe's international developments, other workshops provided a more thematic approach, including the challenges of a European space policy, in the presence of Christophe Grudler, member of ITRE committee (Industry, Research and Energy), or future European trade agreements in the world.

Finally, this event allowed the European Democratic Party to recall its principles and missions among the various European political parties and to present its new representatives in the European Parliament during a townhall meeting.





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