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For us it is time to rebuild the Union!

We have a duty to share our European dream with our fellow citizens, sharing values of respect for human dignity, the rule of law, freedom, equality, solidarity and responsibility.

It is time for Democrats to take the lead.

Brexit: what Europe needs is a refoundation


On the eve of the British referendum, the European Democrats recall their commitment to the idea of a profound refoundation of the European Union upon democratic basis. Whatever the choice of the British people, European leaders must understand that the functioning of the European Union requires profound changes.

For the European Democratic Party Co-President François BAYROU, “it is a good thing to stand before an obstacle that forces us to ask ourselves who we are, what we want, how we make decisions, why the citizens have been kept on the edge. This is useful, this is now or never! Nothing will be ever the same, and in any case it will be necessary that we assume!”

The President of the MoDem added: “We need a radical reform of Europe while keeping in mind that this is not a technocracy but a democracy, something that the government leaders have long forgotten believing that the European issue was their own business!”

The EDP Secretary General Marielle DE SARNEZ considered that the necessary transition from an economic Europe to a political Europe “requires a Europe with political courage and vision”. “Today Europe moves no longer forward. If we speak about, for instance, the issue of refugees, the migration crisis – which is treated in the British campaign for the referendum – it is clear that Europe, that is to say the heads of state and governments were absolutely incapable of anticipating, organizing an asylum policy that is humane, coherent and reasonable”.

She proposes “to move forward with those who have a common currency. When we set up the Euro, we should have built a common economy, but also a harmonization of social laws, in order to prevent dumping and unfair competition between countries”. This political Europe will thus probably be made of the “core of those who have always wanted”. This includes that the European Parliament asserts itself and that national parliaments “play their part”, said the Vice-President of the ALDE group in the European Parliament. We cannot “go on like this, to govern behind the closed doors of the European Council of Heads of State and Government who make decisions in Brussels without the citizens and legitimately elected representatives of the people are be involved”, she added.

And François Bayrou concluded: “Heads of state and government have a duty, an obligation, to report to us what they think and what they do. Silence, darkness, opacity in which they lock themselves are a way to undermine the European Union. This is why we are in this situation today. Our duty is clear: rebuild. It's always good to rebuild rather than let things get disintegrated”.