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Call for measures to green the EU culture and education programmes

Yesterday, French MEP Laurence Farreng’s report on Effective measures to 'green' Erasmus+, Creative Europe and the European Solidarity Corps was adopted by the Committee on Culture and Education. The resolution will be put to plenary vote in September 2020.

Renew Europe Group Coordinator for the CULT committee explained that: “With this report, the European Parliament affirms the place of the Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and Creative Europe programmes in the Green Deal, while making concrete proposals for the Commission to roll out in the 2021-2027 programmes. Culture and education play a key role in driving the societal change we must achieve. We can use the programmes smartly to contribute to the wider environmental objectives.”

She also added that “At the same time, we need to rethink mobility by giving people the opportunity to use less polluting means of transport. But mobility is irreplaceable and must remain at the heart of our education, culture and youth programme. Culture, plays a major role to play in raising public awareness of and promoting engagement with climate issues. Artistic freedom is sacrosanct, but we can do much make content production, distribution and consumption more environmentally friendly”


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