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For a stonger European trade policy

Overwhelming support for Marie-Pierre Vedrenne’s report on strengthening Europe’s trade response
Laurence Farreng EP


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Commissioner-designate for Agriculture: Further clarification needed on his vision for future EU agricultural policy

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Today, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development held their public hearing with Commissioner-designate for agriculture Janusz Wojchiechowski. During the hearing, MEPs assessed his ability and willingness to address the tasks and challenges ahead for his portfolio. Members of the Renew Europe Group concluded that his performance was not satisfactory and demand that he further elaborates his vision for future European agricultural policy – first in writing and then in a second hearing.

German MEP and Coordinator in AGRI Committee, Ulrike Müller, , said: “During the hearing, the Commissioner-designate was too vague and evasive. What we need is a clear commitment to his portfolio and concrete proposals on what his agenda will look like.”

“We are at a decisive moment right now when it comes to the Common Agricultural Policy. We need a strong Commissioner.  We would like to know how he is going to improve the ongoing reforms which are still on the table and specifics on the tools and measures he would put forward to secure the future of the EU agricultural sector. That is why it is necessary that he comes back for a second meeting, so that he can further elaborate how he is going to meet our criteria.”