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Deep-sea fishing banned, a step forward for environmental protection

European Parliament

The European Parliament today approved a Regulation establishing new rules for fishing in the North-East Atlantic, including the total ban of bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters.

The lack of a proper regulation and the development of industrial fisheries in the EU during the last decades led to a dramatic stock depletion and destruction of marine habitat. This ban, setting a worldwide precedent, will help to protect vulnerable deep-sea marine ecosystems more effectively by setting stricter conditions on deep-sea fisheries.

Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (Basque Country) reacted after the vote: "A ban on bottom trawling below 800 meters is an important step for our marine environment, which has been consistently overlooked. Measures such as the identification of fishing zones, mandatory impact assessments or a total ban on certain vulnerable marine ecosystems will also raise environmental standards.

Moreover, control measures have also been tightened by forcing all catches to be declared and the establishment of a monitoring program to ensure that data collection is homogeneous and accurate. After four years of negotiations, we hope to move from words to action."