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EDP Council: Refounding Europe

Soazig de la Moissonnière

The European Democratic Party, led by François Bayrou and Francesco Rutelli, held its Council in Rome, on December 1 and 2. Discussions were very rich and dense upon the manifesto for the European elections of May 2014. EDP will defend the idea of refounding Europe in order to solve the “European paradox”: never has the need for Europe been so high, in order to protect our democracies, our jobs, our cultures, and never has the European people been so distrustful.

“There is an abyss and this abyss leads to a silent revolt”.

For Francesco Rutelli, Europe must get out of the “trap populism/technocracy”. “We defend the idea of reliable and clear institutions. There is a lot to do because they are unreadable by the citizens. Those who are in charge remain unknown and this situation creates the countless movements our countries, even the most pro-European ones, are facing”, stated François Bayrou. Because “lack of understanding results in rejection”. According to MEP and EDP Secretary-General Marielle de Sarnez, “if we want to restore their belief in the European idea, in an efficient Europe, Europeans have to decide the politics they wish”.

Strengthening the European democracy involves the EU President election by the citizens. This President should combine powers of the Commission and Council presidents. Former Commissionner Pavel Telicka stressed the need for the next Commission President to settle a more political Commission. EDP Deputy-Secretary General Luigi Cocilovo considered that “the leap toward the necessary democratic Europe” means we shall probably go back on some compromises”.

European refoundation must be lead in order to solve two democratic questions: what are the Union effective intervention subjects and what is the citizens’ effective place within EU.

Subsidiarity must be rethought because “European Union should focus on the fundamental rather than on the peripheral”, as said Marielle de Sarnez. According to her, the fundamental is priorities as the preservation of the European social model, economical recovery thanks to production and redefining the meaning of competition, transition toward a Green Economy, reducing regional inequalities, while seeking for social, fiscal and environmental convergence.

The Manifesto working document is under the EDP delegates’ scrutiny and will be adopted in the following weeks. The designation of a candidate to the Commission Presidency will occur in February, for the next EDP Council.

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