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Eliminating the wage gap also means fighting against women's poverty and social exclusion


The European Parliament hosted this afternoon a debate on the persistence of the gender pay gap in Europe that will lead to a resolution to be voted on at the end of the month in Brussels during the January plenary session in Brussels. The gap between men's and women's salaries in Europe currently stands at 16% although there are large differences between member states. 

French MEP Sylvie Brunet pointed out that “My fight is for equality and that “eliminating the wage gap also means fighting against women's poverty and social exclusion. The pay gap between women and men is socially and economically intolerable.”

For the Vice-President of the Renew Europe Group: "The time has come to review the European Union's action plan in this matter by working on three axes.

  • The first axis is the transparency of information on remuneration, which needs to be improved. 
  • Second axis, obligations of results, corrective measures and, 
  • Third axis, accompanying measures for the organisation.”

Basque MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica stressed that closing the gender pay gap is not only a question of justice but also a “huge competitive improvement in the global world”.  She insisted that “today in the knowledge economy, equality is also a question of justice, but in addition to competitiveness. Equal pay is one more argument to attract, stimulate and retain the talent we need. Talent is a prisoner of prejudice, roles and inequality. That's why the pay gap is biased against women, but it impoverishes us all.”

That is why she ended her contribution with a wish: “Ursula Von der Leyen has broken the glass ceiling. She is the first woman to preside the European Commission. I hope and trust that this impetus will make it possible to declare the Union, at the end of her term of office, to be a region free of the wage gap. It will be fair, but also a huge competitive advantage in the global world.”