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EU industrial strategy: ambitious measures for a sovereign and more competitive, sustainable, inclusive and strategic Europe


With the Commission set to publish its industrial strategy on 10 March, French MEP Christophe Grudler welcomes Thierry Breton's ambition to make Europe a sovereign economic power in the 21st century.

In this changing world, faced with the challenges of the digital and environmental transition, while the Coronavirus crisis is once again revealing our dependence in the supply chain, European industry must adapt and modernise if it wants to stay ahead. The process of relocating industrial production in Europe must be stepped up.

"We need to take ambitious initiatives so that our industry can contribute to a more competitive and sustainable economy, to strengthening our strategic autonomy and to a shared prosperity that leaves no one and no region out of development. We also need the means to steer the strategy: common performance indicators for better monitoring and stronger governance", says Christophe Grudler, vice-coordinator of the European Parliament's Committee on Industry and Rapporteur for the Renew Europe Group on European Industrial Strategy.

In line with its campaign commitments, the French delegation, which includes the French MEPs of the Mouvement DĂ©mocrate, is calling for the following reforms to guarantee European sovereignty:

  • Competitiveness: strengthening the single market, particularly the digital market, rapidly revising the competition rules and strengthening the instruments of commercial policy (filtering of foreign investment, anti-dumping, European preference in public procurement);
  • Sustainability: Carbon-neutral industry by 2050, decarbonisation of industrial processes and focus on clean energy, sustainability and reparability of products in the framework of the action plan for the circular economy, carbon inclusion mechanism at borders ;
  • Strategic self-sufficiency: financing for sectors, key technologies (digital, defence, space,) and strategic infrastructures, production and supply of critical raw materials ;
  • Shared prosperity: sector strategy and development of territorial industrial strategies, vocational retraining programme and investment in human capital (skills, training, fair transition fund, globalisation adjustment fund).