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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

Europe in solidarity with workers who have lost their jobs

Portrait Vedrenne

Europe in solidarity with workers who have lost their jobs: a more accessible, responsive and visible European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for redundant workers (EGF)! 

Marie-Pierre Vedrenne MEP (MoDem) is pleased with the announcement: "As rapporteur for the Renew Group on this fund and after more than a year of inter-institutional negotiations, I am delighted that we finally have an agreement with the Council and the Commission on the regulation governing the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for the period after 2020. Support and accompaniment in reconversion, requalification and reintegration into the labour market, Europe is at the side of citizens when they lose their jobs. »

The fund is being given a new, more explicit name - the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for redundant workers - to make Europe's action more visible.

  • Making this fund more accessible was Parliament's priority. Thus, whereas the threshold is currently set at 500 and the Commission and the Council wanted to be able to mobilise the fund when 250 workers lose their jobs, alongside my colleagues in the European Parliament, I fought to lower this threshold to 200 workers made redundant by a company or in a sector. This will enable the fund to help the largest number.
  • By overcoming the Council's reluctance, the Parliament has succeeded in ensuring more visibility for the Fund and a communication obligation for the Member States. At a time when too often European action is under the radar, it was essential to recall that Europe is indeed on the side of workers.

She also added that: "This much-anticipated victory for European solidarity with workers who have lost their jobs, especially in the current difficult context, is important. 1.3 billion for the period 2021-2027 is available to support European workers, including overseas workers! »

"Since the beginning of the crisis, I have worked hard to get the European Commission to recognise COVID-19 as a motive for mobilising the fund. It has been done! Brexit, COVID-19, the automation of production chains, the greening of our economies will not be without impact on labour and manpower. After 2020, this fund will therefore be mobilizable because of the digital transitions and towards a climate-neutral economy in 2050, and also as a response to all crises, from Brexit to the COVID health crisis. This Fund is the response to the most difficult situations and will complement the other EU programmes which are acting upstream to support businesses in these crises and transitions. Europe is thus acting on all fronts: upstream and downstream when workers are the collateral victims of crises and transitions. »

"Today, the consequences of the health crisis are above all social and many jobs are threatened. I am thinking in particular of French workers, especially in Brittany, with the announcements of social plans in the coming months by major groups. With the revision of this Fund and these 1.3 billion euros, we are showing that Europe is up to the challenge and will be able to stand by the workers hardest hit. We must now work with the Member States, particularly the French government, to get them mobilised as quickly as possible and to use this fund to support European workers in the post-crisis period. »

"With a wider scope of action, a lower threshold for mobilisation and a larger budget, the Fund is becoming more mature and is truly the instrument of European solidarity for workers who have lost their jobs. The solidarity and social Europe that exists today must be more reactive, faster and above all more visible! »