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European Battery Alliance: "A significant step forward"

The European Commission gave the green light on Monday to the European Battery Alliance project: it validates the principle of public subsidies to structure this sector. "This is an extremely important decision", explains French MEP Christophe GRUDLER, Vice-Coordinator of the Industry Committee - Energy of the European Parliament for the Renew Europe group, which has been following this issue from the beginning.

He recalled that without agreement, the Member States involved in the project were exposed to sanctions from the European Commission if state aid was provided. This will not be the case, as the European Battery Alliance is recognised by the Commission as an "Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)". 3.2 billion euros in public aid is expected, so as not to leave the field open for China and South Korea in this strategic area.

"I am pleased with the excellent coordination of the project carried out by France. We now have a real European value chain in the battery sector, involving several countries and many companies, including the French PSA and Saft," says Christophe GRUDLER.

A first pilot plant should be built next year in Aquitaine. A second plant, this time a production plant, will open in 2022 in France, creating several thousand jobs.

"The project will have to integrate a part of Research and Development: if it will initially be necessary to produce lithium-ion batteries quickly, it will then be necessary to design a new generation of batteries, more renewable and less polluting, in compliance with our environmental commitments, in particular within the framework of the Green Deal", concludes Christophe GRUDLER, who intends to fully invest himself in the success of this project.


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