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EDP MEPs tell us why they chose to fight for Europe

"Languages, cultures, regional differences and local initiatives must be cherished because they are Europe’s strongest asset."

European Democrats met online today to discuss the current pivotal issues within Europe: War in Ukraine, and outcomes of the Conference of the Future of Europe.

June Congress

The European Democratic Party (EDP), a European political party and member of the Renew Europe parliamentary group, gathered on Wednesday 01 June for its Congress.

During this Congress, the representatives of the democratic political parties and Members of the European Parliament of the European Democratic Party (EDP), met online today to discuss the current pivotal issues within Europe: War in Ukraine as well as the outcomes of the Conference of the Future of Europe and the transnational lists.

François BAYROU, President of the European Democrats explained following the War in Ukraine and the precedent crises: "We are not at the end of the risk of aggravating the shock of this war, including in our Western societies: risks of uncertainty preventing investment, food risks - including on the African continent, and destabilization at the global level between China, Japan and the USA."

Sandro GOZI, Secretary General of the European Democrats pointed out that we have to take into account the current disinformation and the state of public opinion within the EU. He also emphasised that: “We must avoid the absurd dilemma and respond positively to both issues: support for the struggle for freedom and resistance of the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian aggression and the economic costs to households and businesses of the Ukrainian crisis with a similar system of economic cost sharing and common debt that was created for the Covid-19.”

European Democrats’ MEPs Nicola Danti (Italy), Laurence Farreng, Sylvie Brunet, Marie-Pierre Vedrenne, Christophe Grudler (France), Ulrike Müller and Engin Eroglu (Germany) were present and took the floor. They pointed out that cultural diversity, with for example regional identities, should be considered in the upcoming debates at the European level as the EDP is the European party of both diversity and unity.

At this occasion, the first suggestions for the upcoming Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU were also presented and members highlighted the policy priorities that should be on the agenda.