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Fishing: reinforced controls to guarantee traceability from the net of the fisherman to the plate of the consumer

Bateau peche pays basque

In line with European Democrats' commitment to fully implement the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), improve security and consumer information on the quality and origin of fishery products, Basque MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica voted today, in the parliamentary committee on fisheries (PECH), in favour of a modernization and improvement of the control of fishing activities.

Presidency member Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (PNV),  who is also Renew Europe spokesperson for this file within PECH, said: "We have achieved a realistic and pragmatic balance between the ideal and the possible, and it represents an undeniable advance on a Regulation that was in urgent need of revision. The control tools are modernised, with a commitment to digitalisation. The measures approved will improve the data available, reinforce the traceability of catches, reduce the administrative burden on fishing operators, fight against illegal fishing and provide legal certainty to the system of sanctions, among other measures"

The commitment to digitisation, the optional use of cameras and the obligation to install them in the event of the accumulation of penalties, satellite tracking of vessels, increased traceability, control of the power of vessels and harmonisation of penalties are some of the new features of this proposal, which includes, for the first time, the control of recreational fishing. 

The margins of tolerance for catches by species are revised, putting an end to exceptions and the control of engine power is strengthened if they use trawls and purse seines. In addition, the new regulation harmonises the system of sanctions in the EU, increases the list of infringements and homogenises their application. 

Many of the new investments needed to implement the new obligations will be supported by funds from the new European Maritime and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF).

To ensure transparency and traceability from net to plate of any product made from fish and seafood, new traceability provisions will be introduced which will enable consumers to have more information on what ends up on their plates.

La majeure partie des investissements nécessaires à la mise en œuvre de ces nouvelles obligations sera soutenue par le Fonds européen pour les affaires maritimes, la pêche et l’aquaculture (FEAMP). 

Pour assurer la transparence et la traçabilité du filet à l'assiette de tout produit à base de poisson et de fruits de mer, de nouvelles dispositions de traçabilité sont prévues, qui donneront davantage d’informations aux consommateurs.