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For a greater involvement of local authorities in European citizens' initiatives

Vincent Chauvet
Screenshot - Renew Europe CoR

During the last Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions, the Mayor of Autun (France) and member of the Renew Europe group at the Committee of the Regions Vincent Chauvet (MoDem) took the floor during the debate on the European Citizens' Initiative..

Co-initiator of one of the first European Citizens' Initiatives in 2012, he recalled the many obstacles to the launch of this tool of participatory democracy at European level. He also called for changes in the organisation of citizens' initiatives and for a greater involvement of local authorities: "There is in our society now compared to 2012 - this is even more true with social networks, with temporality, with the changing topicality of our society which is shaken by a certain number of crises - the need to have participatory mechanisms which have a temporality compatible with political action".