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Future EU agricultural policy to promote market-oriented and environmentally-friendly agriculture


On Monday, 1 April, the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament adopted the first report on the common market organisation. The following day, after several hours of debate, the Agriculture Committee voted in favour of the second report on the future direction of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The third report on the so-called "Horizontal CAP Regulation" (financing, management and control) will be put to the vote on 8 April.

The future CAP aims at a more market-oriented and environmentally friendly agriculture. It will be fairer, simpler and more flexible.

German MEP Ulrike Müller, ALDE group rapporteur and spokesperson for the Committee on Agriculture, wants to ensure that the administration functions transparently and without conflicts of interest. She urges a reduction in bureaucracy and a clearer distribution of tasks within the Member states. She said: « We must reward farmers decently for doing a service to the community. They provide food of unparalleled quality worldwide, but they also do a great deal for the countryside and our communities. We must simplify our procedures and cut red tape. We must get away from the "one size fits all" model, which applies the same standards to all sizes of business and all forms of economy. »