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Gathering pro-European forces for a better Europe

Gabriel Stabinger

In view of the European elections in May, the European Democratic Party (PDE-EDP) organized a public conference on Friday 8 March 2019 in Rome to present its future Manifesto.

Francesco RUTELLI, founder and co-president of EDP, took the floor with other speakers invited for the occasion.

Other representatives of the European Democratic Party attended the event: Franco BRUNO, Lucia ESPOSITO, Gabriele MOLINARI, Giovanni PALLADINO, Pino PISICCHIO Claudio ROSI, Jose Mari ETXEBARRIA - EDP Council Members, Luigi COCILOVO - Deputy Secretary General, Gianluca SUSTA - Vice-President, and Jean Marie BEAUPUY, Treasurer.

The European Union is going through a particularly critical phase, more than ever, because constantly attacked and criticised by sovereign political groups whose aim is to divide and weaken Europe and promote a strong anti-European spirit. The European Democratic Party wants to ensure that the 2019 European elections will not be a missed opportunity. During the conference, emphasis was placed on the need to reject the anti-European rhetoric and to promote dialogue on the question of the refoundation of Europe. Our union requires a new vision, a new impetus and a valuable contribution for a common future.



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