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Member States have to decide between summer or winter time

European Parliament

On Tuesday, MEPs adopted their final position on the Commission proposal to end the biannual change of time that currently takes place at the end of March and of October, in every Member States. They voted in favour of letting the Member States decide about their winter or summer time. A coordination mechanism will be put in place in order to analyse the consequences on the internal market.

It is important to take into account that this proposal is the outcome of a citizen’s initiative signed by almost 5 million citizens.

Basque MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, ALDE group shadow rapporteur in this file, said: “Following this roadmap we have to demonstrate to the four million six hundred thousand citizens that participated in this public consultation that the European institutions listen, that they are close, that they work effectively seriously on the citizen’s concerns and try to play the role that they touches: to inform, to moderate between opposing positions and to decide to try to set balanced positions transparently. If by this way of doing we generate trust and proximity, the time that we have dedicated to finish this report, it will be gold."

German MEP Ulrike Müller, ALDE group rapporteur for the Committee on Agriculture, also expressed her views on this subject: "Currently in Europe we have three different time-zones and scientific studies prove, that the annual time change has effects on the biorhythm and on the health of the citizens as well as on animals. In particular, families with toddlers and dairy farmers among the cultivators know the problems that result from changing the time twice a year. In the AGRI-committee we decided upon the introduction of the standard time starting in the year 2020. However, by abolishing the summer time the following must be taken into consideration: the internal market must continue to function also in the future."


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