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Overwhelming support for Marie-Pierre Vedrenne's report on strengthening Europe's trade response

Portrait Vedrenne

The report by French MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne received overwhelming support (32 in favour and 3 against) at the Committee on International Trade on Monday 6 July. The Vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on International Trade therefore has a strong mandate in the upcoming inter-institutional negotiations: "This strong support from the EP means that during the trialogues and under the German Presidency these key messages will be defended".

What is this report?



Marie-Pierre Vedrenne points out the importance of empowering the European Union with defence tools in its international trade relations: "Ambitious rules are being established that are also in line with our objectives of the European Green Pact and this must become a reality",

MoDem MEP also concludes that: "This is a strong message, which also fits in with the trade policy review. There are very strong expectations, both from our companies and from civil society. We need to show that we are using all possible levers".