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Platform workers must no longer fall through the cracks of social protection

European Parliament

Yesterday, the employment Committee (EMPL) adopted a resolution stating that digital platform workers should have the same rights as other workers.

Whilst platform work can create employment opportunities and lower barriers for entering the labour market, MEPs are concerned about potential poor working conditions this might entail. They call on the European Commission to present a proposal guaranteeing the rights of platform workers whilst taking into account the specificities of this kind of work to ensure that platform workers no longer fall through the cracks of social protection.

Our French MEP Sylvie Brunet, author of the report that inspired this resolution, welcomed its adoption: “This is a very good signal for platform workers. We must constantly strive for the necessary valance between opportunities and flexibility offered by the new forms of employment to digital development and the protection inherent to our European social model”, she said.

Part of the resolution’s demands for addressing the new realities of this world of work are the freedom of association, adequate personal protective equipment and accident insurance where appropriate, as well as transparent, non-discriminatory and ethical algorithms.

The resolution for the rights of platform workers is part of the European Pillar of Social Rights, which aims to improve the working conditions of workers.