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Progress towards a European technological independence

Christophe Grudler

Our French MEP Christophe Grudler, member and Vice-Coordinator for Renew Europe in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), welcomed the new European semiconductor alliance on Tuesday.

"Today we have a global shortage of semiconductors. Whether it is for the production of smartphones, graphics cards, but also cars; many sectors are affected. The European Union is particularly badly hit here, since it produces only 10% of the world's semiconductors, and has to import the vast majority of them," he explained.

This is why Christophe Grudler welcomed the new European Processor and Semiconductor Alliance. "It shows that the European Union is taking this problem seriously, which directly affects our European companies, which are increasingly dependent on semiconductors in their products," he said.

This alliance will eventually enable Europe to be less dependent on third countries. The aim is to reach 20% of world production by 2030. This goal is ambitious but achievable, according to Christophe Grudler. "To get there, we will need massive investments, both in research and, above all, in production. For all of this, the Alliance is indispensable. "

"In particular, it is important that the EU can produce the most advanced processors, especially below 5 nanometres (nm). The smaller the processors, the more economical and powerful they are, and in this race for miniaturisation, the EU is lagging behind. I hope that we will soon be able to roll out major projects in this area, with more European processor factories. Our European technological sovereignty is at stake! "