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For a stonger European trade policy

Overwhelming support for Marie-Pierre Vedrenne’s report on strengthening Europe’s trade response
Laurence Farreng EP


Culture and education play a key role in driving the societal change we must achieve. We can use the programmes smartly to contribute to the wider environmental objectives.

Renew Europe CoR ENVE coordinator Vincent Chauvet reacts to MFF

Screenshot Renew Europe CoR

Renew Europe in the European Committee of the Regions coordinators react to the European Commission’s proposal of a major €2.4 trillion recovery plan based on using a powerful and modern EU budget to deliver a more sustainable, digital and fair Europe.

The European Commission proposed a €2,4 trillion Recovery Plan for Europe to repair and prepare for the next generation. What do Renew Europe CoR coordinators think of this plan?

ENVE (Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy) coordinator and Mayor of Autun Vincent Chauvet: 

 As a Mayor, I am very relieved to see that the European Commission found the courage to propose a common European reply to the management of the recovery, not neglecting, but fostering the path towards the green transition, maintaining climate objectives and sustainable development goals at its heart. The steps that we take now are decisive for the future of European cities and regions and therefore European citizens! Only by investing together in a digital and green future can we avoid being surprised by another crisis, increase our climate and societal resilience for the generations to come – and in doing so, boost our hurt economy.