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Terrorism: "A terrorist attack majorly breaches the victim’s trust in society."

European Parliament

On the anniversary of the Brussels and London attacks (22 March 2016 and 22 March 2017 respectively), French MEP and Chair of EP Special Committee on Terrorism, Nathalie Griesbeck at the opening of a public hearing dedicated to the protection of victims’ rights, said: “Today my thoughts are with victims of terrorism and their families. I also welcome the work done by non-governmental organisations, which is essential and exemplary. A terrorist attack majorly breaches the victim’s trust in society.”

She also pointed out that: “Our obligations are far beyond merely legal and moral. We must carry out our responsibilities, in order to not confine victims to their status, and to prove that our societies are strong and resilient. Member states must put in place the necessary structures and measures to assist victims. We have to guarantee that their needs are quickly met and carefully treated with humanity”.

Members, amongst them EDP Delegate General and Belgian MEP, Gérard Deprez, listened to the experiences and recommendations of victims, high-level practitioners, representatives of the civil society and of national authorities of Member States. The issues addressed will include cross-border situations, access to justice and adequate financial and psychological support, awareness raising, and appropriate coordination at EU level.

Gérard Deprez also indicated that: "It is not enough to remember, we must support, help, compensate the victims. This is today's most important message. "


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