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Terrorism: two new texts to strengthen the Europeans’ security

The European Parliament today adopted two texts aimed at combating terrorism effectively, in particular by defining new offenses on the one hand and by systematically monitoring at the external borders of the European Union.

The new directive constitutes, according to Nathalie GRIESBECK (France), a "consolidated arsenal to fight together as harmoniously as possible against terrorism". It takes into account new forms of terrorism, such as the phenomenon of foreign combatants, lone wolves, terrorist travel, propaganda, provocation, recruitment on the Internet, while guaranteeing rapid assistance to victims.

Member States will also have to exchange more information to facilitate investigations. For Basque Member of the European Parliament Izaskun BILBAO BARANDICA, "there is an urgent need to move from words to action and, in the fight against terrorism, the key is the immediate exchange, with all legal guarantees, of relevant data to detect and prevent possible terrorist acts and to exploit for this purpose all available resources". Without exchange, the new offenses defined by the directive "will be pointless".

However, if this is an improvement, Nathalie Griesbeck regretted that this exchange will not be mandatory: "When will States realise that it is not by carefully guarding this type of data that we will succeed tomorrow in responding together challenges we are facing? "

"Many of the perpetrators of the bloody attacks in our countries have been trained abroad and have returned by crossing the external border," said Gerard DEPREZ (Belgium), while recalling that some 2,500 European fighters remain in Iraq and Syria, and will inevitably return to Europe as Daesh draws back. Therefore, a regulation amending the “Schengen Code” has also been adopted, establishing systematic checks at the external borders of the European Union.

"This decision is likely to give Schengen credibility back, provided that it is quickly and effectively applied at all our borders," said Marielle DE SARNEZ (France). But here again, the exchange of data is essential: "if not, the reinforced controls will be an unnecessary and costly scarecrow, and a true media fable," warned Mr. Deprez.

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