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The European Parliament says 'Yes' to the circular economy.

Soazig de la Moissonnière

Today, the European Parliament, in its Strasbourg's plenary session, adopted an initiative report on the European strategy for waste plastic to support the model of circular economy. This allows the decoupling of growth and resource depletion and requires a total change in our product design. MEP Jean-Luc Bennahmias welcomed this support.

"In a context of scarce resources, while we need to strengthen our objectives in the fight against climate change but also to ensure an economically and socially sustainable growth, focused on job creation, moving toward a circular economy is not a option, it is a necessity.

From eco-design to longer product life span, through the facilitation of repair and reuse, a mode of production is changing.

In terms of cost, environmental impact, fight against waste and outreach, the circular economy potentially impacts all sectors and should be a source of job creation.

With today's vote, the European Parliament sent a positive sign and calls the European Union, Member States and industry to commit themselves resolutely on the path of circular economy."