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The Greek compromise and what is ahead of us

Soazig de la Moissonnière

The EDP co-chair Francesco Rutelli reacted with relief to the agreement reached this morning on the Greek Crisis. Now, the Eurozone must play its full part, based on more democratic values, an economic and social strategy and a geopolitical vision. "Otherwise, we will lose everything, all together".

"1. Roots. Within days, everything was broken. The Athens referendum led to a divorce: Tsipras summoned it without speaking to European partners, convinced, with a little luck, that he could give a slap to the creditors and Merkel, as well as he could consolidate the internal consensus. What a terrible frivolity! If you are dependent on someone, before giving him a slap, you must find yourself with an alternative. But that did not happen and the Greeks withdrew from banks billions of euros in the recent months, no reform has been launched, and it is unthinkable that the euro will be replaced with roubles.

2. Power struggle. If you're looking at fifteen countries of the euro zone which do not want to give a penny, because they do not trust you, you enter into a power struggle. A very difficult one. He was put on the table provocative requests (such as funds in Luxembourg on Greek assets). France and Juncker, with Italian support, were right to say that the Grexit could not and should not be an option.

3. Conclusion. Compromise is difficult for Athens, but inevitable. It stretches (like the eternity of Olympus) the repayment of the debt; it allows certain investments for the economic development of a nation on his knees; it challenges absurd medieval privileges that the populist radical Greece will not abandon. Now Tsipras will lose extremist parts of his majority, and will turn to the rational forces to advance (Varoufakis will merely give paid lectures in the free world).

But this is not really a conclusion: it will be a big challenge, which will last for months and years.

4. The European future. The Greek marriage was false, as the economic data the European Commission has pretended not to see. For now, no divorce, but the coexistence will be difficult. But we Europeans, know that there is only one way: we are bound by a currency that must meet an economic policy, a development policy and a strong and integrated foreign policy. Brussels decisions were not taken during a summit of the 28 EU members, but members of the Eurozone!
Now we must show that the Eurozone is not only based on democratic values, but also on an economic and social strategy and a geopolitical vision. Otherwise, we will lose everything, all together."

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