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Towards less harmful fishing methods with the end of electric pulse fishing!


The European Parliament has adopted today an ambitious report calling for the end of electric pulse fishing with a strong majority of 399 in favour and 189 against.

The report calls for the end of this practice within the European Union territory.and will be the position of the European Parliament during the following negotiations with the Council.

In 1998, the European Union already banned the most harmful fishing methods such as the use of explosives and the electric pulse fishing. However, derogations were agreed for the use of this method in the North Sea for scientific reasons.

Whereas the current situation in the North Sea is alarming, this method is already forbidden by several countries such as the United States, Brazil, … and had also been banned in the East China Sea.

Marielle de Sarnez (France) emphasized that: “This is a 1st victory towards a safeguard of oceans and seas.”

Marian Harkin (Ireland) explained that: “the European Parliament votes to reject pulse fishing but unfortunately MEPs didn’t support mandatory targets”.

Gerard Deprez (Belgium) pointed out that “Almost all the countries have banned this fishing method. It’s time for the EU to ban it too”