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« Two key moments for Europe's Youth »

Mouvement Démocrate

Yesterday, the European Ministers for Youth, including the French Secretary of State for Youth and Engagement Sarah El Haïry (MoDem), met in Brussels to exchange views on the lessons to be learned from the crisis. These will serve as a basis for informed decision-making. Ministers also discussed possible innovations in the field of education and training as well as plans for the next school and university year.

The ministers conceded that e-learning will require improving digital skills, updating technological equipment and a wider application of digital technologies in teaching and learning.

They identified a number of challenges, such as the social inclusion of all pupils and students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the availability of digital equipment and access to the internet, and cyber security. The ministers also pointed out that providing teachers, pupils, and students with adequate digital skills is a major challenge.

Sarah El Haïry, French Secretary of State, said: "I think that we are witnessing two key moments for our European youth, the first is obviously coming out, supporting the post-Covid period, hoping that the worst is over, how to recreate momentum, how to recreate momentum for mobility, how to recreate momentum for a social Europe of everyday life, and that is why we have two priorities: The first is obviously making sure people are getting their full rights back as soon as possible, supporting the distribution of information, and on the other hand how we support our youth when it comes to economic and social integration, allowing them to become independent through school, support and obviously a stable economic market."

Finally, many ministers insisted that distance learning could never replace the interactive and socially enriching experience of face-to-face teaching and learning.

A visible point of contact for young people at a European level is expected to take up their duties next month.


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