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Posted Workers Directive revision: "an anti-dumping tool that protects employees and workers."

On Tuesday, MEPs voted  with a broad majority in favour of a more social Europe! With the adoption of the revised version of the Posted Workers Directive, the European Parliament recalls the importance of a key principle: equal pay for equal work.

French MEP Nathalie Griesbeck welcomed this vote which marks the final and definitive agreement between the European Parliament and the Council: "After years of difficult negotiations between the EU institutions, I welcome this social and balanced progress.” She emphasised that it is: "a compromise which, without prejudicing the mobility of workers, makes it possible to fight social dumping. ».

The substitute member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs explained: "With this vote, MEPs are giving the European Union an anti-dumping tool that protects employees and workers.”

For French MEP Robert Rochefort, it is a "step forward for the protection of workers' rights and will help fight social dumping in Europe. This vote confirms the flagship principle of identical remuneration for the same work carried out in the same place. The Union must continue along this path and pursue the long-awaited social progress.”

Slovenian MEP and individual EDP member Ivo Vajgl said: "This is an important step towards the convergence of social and labour rights of all workers, whether they are permanent residents or not. It is also an important measure to prevent the exploitation of posted workers, as employers were not bound by national legislation and could therefore pay posted workers less and employ them under less favourable conditions than national workers.”

He also concluded that "the Union is thus becoming an increasingly unified labour market, the only viable solution from the point of view of workers' social protection".

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