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Social Priorities and Digital Revolution: in favour of transparent and predictable working conditions

European Parliament

Irish MEP and Member of Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, Marian Harkin, was invited by EURACTIV journalist Jorge Valero to report on the achievements of the Juncker Commission and to explain the priorities and challenges of the next European Parliament.

Marian Harkin explained that in the context of the digital revolution, the priority is to give workers transparent and predictable working conditions, especially young people, while ensuring that “workers get their fair share of the game”.

She added that we should consider for the future what the Social Pillar concretely means for citizens, including the risk of social dumping and the importance of work-life balance.

Finally, she pointed out that: « There are very specific concrete issues that the institutions have been working on. I believe that for many of them, we have made reasonable progress”


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