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The European Commission adopted a proposal to discontinue the seasonal changes of time in the Union in response to a citizen’s initiative and a subsequent resolution from the European Parliament last year on Time Change Arrangements.
Ensuring Basic Road Freight Connectivity after Brexit
After the trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council, a provisional agreement was reached today on ensuring Basic Road Freight Connectivity in case of a UK withdrawal from the EU with a no-deal Brexit.
Measures to safeguard the social security entitlements for EU and UK citizens in case of a no-deal Brexit
The Employment and Social Affairs Committee voted today in favour on a series of contingency measures to safeguard the social security entitlements for EU and UK citizens in case of a no-deal Brexit.
The European Democratic Party welcomed on the occasion of its Council meeting on the 8th of February in Bilbao, three new memberships.
Europe needs a break, a democratic and deep refoundation. Peoples have been excluded from the European vision and destiny. Europe will not be possible without people. We the European democrats are determined to stop our countries' slide.
The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) increased to help more redundant workers in the Union
On Thursday the 10th of January, several measures, part of the EUs “Mobility Package”, were voted in the Transport and Tourism Committee after being referred back during the Plenary session of July 2018 for further consideration.
Mikel Burzako and Irakli Kobakhidze, chairperson of the Georgian Parliament
With Georgian Dream, a party that supported Salome Zurabishvili, Georgia will preferentially look towards the European Union.
Le Parlement européen a adopté à une forte majorité, ses recommandations pour renforcer la lutte contre le terrorisme et consolider davantage la valeur ajoutée européenne en la matière.
Irish MEP and Member of Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, Marian Harkin, was invited by EURACTIV journalist Jorge Valero to report on the achievements of the Juncker Commission and to explain the priorities and challenges of the next European Parliament.