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The European Union – Confronted with the Brexit and Donald Trump, – must pull itself together.
While the current system lacks transparency, European producers will now be better informed through an early warning system in case of increasing imports. The text includes new guarantees to ensure that European producers will not be jeopardized.
Gerard DEPREZ is campaigning for the creation of a European FBI as the exchange of information between European services is far from optimal because of the lack of confidence.
Food is one of our most precious resources, therefore it is time we found innovative ways to prevent wasting it, writes EDP Vice-President Ulrike Müller
During a conference in Rome on December 15, EDP Co-President Francesco Rutelli presented a new manifesto "Democratici nell'Europa del XXI secolo".
For days, the farewells of the civilians of Aleppo have been swarming into the social networks. More heart-rending messages than the others.
Clearly, more than ever, the world is in need for stronger Europe. But we need to provide ourselves with appropriate means.
The European Parliament today approved a Regulation establishing new rules for fishing in the North-East Atlantic, including the total ban of bottom trawling below 800 meters in EU waters.
The European Democratic Party, reaffirmed the priorities of its political action as the promoter of a deep European refoundation.
Ulrike Müller welcomed the adoption of a resolution regarding the freeze of the accession negotiations of Turkey as quickly as possible