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In front of 800 people in Britany, the European Democrats reaffirmed last weekend that Europe is not the source of the problems but the solution, three months after the British vote on the exit of the European Union. With one motto: let’s reform Europe!
A delegation of the European Democratic Party attended the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, which validated the appointment of Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate.
The European Democrats demand the European Commission to come forward with a legislative proposal to protect whistle-blowers.
The European Parliament today adopted the proposal to create a body of European coastguards and border guards, consisting of a European agency for coastguards and border guards (Frontex) on the one hand, and national authorities for the borders’ management, on the other hand.
The balance between the maximum respect of the seabed and its ecosystems and the jobs related to fishing is the greatest virtue of the agreement concluded in Brussels to regulate deep sea fishing, according to the MEP Izaskun Bilbao Barandica
Following the choice of the British people to leave the European Union, the European Democratic Party takes note of this decision and calls for a profound overhaul of the European Union.
On the eve of the British referendum, the European Democrats recall their commitment to the idea of a profound refoundation of the European Union upon democratic basis. Whatever the choice of the British people, European leaders must understand that the functioning of the European Union requires profound changes.
Un plan pour prêter à la Tunisie 500 millions d'euros à des conditions favorables pour l'aider à réduire sa dette extérieure et à consolider ses mécanismes démocratiques, a été soutenu par les députés mercredi, grâce au travail de Marielle DE SARNEZ (MoDem, France), la secrétaire générale du PDE.
The European Democratic Party held its Council meeting on June 3rd in Athens, in presence of delegations from all over Europe. The discussions, opened by the co-presidents François Bayrou and Francesco Rutelli, began with the formal accession of three new members: the Canarian Coalition (Coalición Canaria), the Reformists Party (NS Reformisti) of Croatia, and the Union of Centrists (Enosi Kentroon) from Greece.
Yesterday in the European Parliament, the European Democrats firmly expressed their deep concerns about the milk producers and urged the Commission to act in order to “prevent announced human tragedies”.