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A year ago MEPs from the Democratic Movement, from the Free Voters, from Basque National Party and from Pro Romania - Corina Cretu (re)entered the European Parliament.
The outermost regions (ORs) are remote territories located at a significant distance from mainland Europe, among which most of them are islands. However, all these nine regions are fully part of the European Union (EU). And, as everywhere else, from Mayotte, to Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana to Saint-Martin, Madeira, Azores or Canaries Islands, the ORs have been hit by the COVID-19.
Find below the editorial of the newsletter of Marielle de Sarnez, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly and Secretary General of the European Democratic Party.
Will the health, economic and social crisis we are going through profoundly change the way we work and our approach to social welfare? Sylvie Brunet, French MEP and Vice-President of the Renew Europe Group, gives her answers.
Yesterday, on 11th of May, the President of our Hungarian member Új Kezdet party and Member of Hungarian Parliament Krisztina Hohn addressed an immediate question to the Government led by Victor Orban Prime Minister
There is no birth certificate for Europe, strictly speaking. The choice of a date is always symbolic.
In her previous life, Catherine Chabaud, a French MEP, was a navigator. A fervent protector of the ocean, it is essential for her to keep a fundamental objective in this Covid-19 crisis: that of a recovery that respects our environmental commitments. 

With the outbreak of Coronavirus in Europe, the cultural industry is severely impacted by measures to slow down the pandemic.

What are EDP Mayors, Councillors, Regional Presidents or Regional representatives doing to fight the Coronavirus / COVID19? We take a look on the ground with EDP Commitee of Regions member Vincent Chauvet, Mayor of the city of Autun, France.
Disadvantaged people face increased difficulties as a result of the coronavirus crisis, which aggravates their isolation and precarious situation and subjects them to high health risks.