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Andoni Ortuzar

Executive Vice President

Pays Basque

● Executive vice president of EDP since 2019

● President of EAJ-PNV since 2012

● Former member of Basque Parliament

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Andoni Ortuzar is a Basque politician and journalist, and the president of the EAJ-PNV – the Basque National Party, a member of the European Democratic Party. He is also president of the Euzkadi Buru Batzar, the executive committee of the EAJ-PNV and a former secretary general for External Action of the Basque Government.

Prior to being president of EAJ-PNV, he was the chief executive officer of EiTB, a publicly owned audiovisual group that operates broadcast media in the Basque Country. He was the former President of Bizkai Buru Batzar, and former EAJ-PNV parliamentarian in the Basque Parliament. He has been affiliated with the municipal bodies of Abanto and Zierbena since 1979. Born in 1962, he earned a degree in information sciences from the University of the Basque Country.

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