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EDP Congress Mainz 2023

13 October 2023


The EDP Congress meeting took place in Mainz, Germany on the 13 October 2023.


Arrivals on 12/10
Congress during the whole day 13/10
Departures on 14/10

Congress venue: MEWA Arena
Hotel for delegates: Hilton Mainz

Record of decisions – EDP CONGRESS in Mainz 2023

  1. Adoption of the agenda by unanimous vote;
  2. Approval of the Minutes of previous Congresses: Congresses in Rome 2022 and those held remotely: Congresses of 14 October 2022, 23 November 2022, 23 January 2023, 28 March 2023, 13 June 2023 and 28 June 2023 by unanimous vote;
  3. Membership matters:
    1. Presentation of the written resignation of the Italian party Azione;
    2. Unanimous admission of the Italian affiliated member “Piattaforma popolare – Tempi nuovi”;
  4. Unanimous approval of the 2024 provisional budget;
  5. Election by unanimous vote of the following members of the Presidency:
    1. Francois Bayrou (President),
    2. Sandro Gozi (Secretary General),
    3. Gérard Deprez (General Delegate),
    4. Executive Vice-Presidents: Antoni Ortuzar and Ulrike Müller.
    5. Vice-Presidents:  Nicola Danti, Karl Erjavec, Marios Georgiadis, Marian Harkin and Gerrit-Jan van Otterloo
    6. Deputy Secretary Generals: Frédéric Petit, István Sértö-Radics, Marina Demetriou and José María Etxebarria
    7. Jean-Marie Beaupuy (Treasurer)
    8. Nicos Koutsou (Honorary president).
    9. Representatives of national delegation (European Parliament): Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, Sylvie Brunet and Engin Eroglu.
  6. Closing of the Statutory.
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