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Italia Viva, officially named 'Italy Alive' , is a liberal political party in Italy founded in September 2019. The party, currently led by Matteo Renzi, a former Prime Minister of Italy and former Democratic Party (PD) secretary, is a member of the European Democratic Party. Italia Viva emerged as a reformist party blending traditional liberalism with a focus on civil rights, gender equality, and globalism. 
Within the parliament, Italia Viva holds nine seats, showcasing its moderate yet impactful presence. In a European dimension, Italia Viva hold one seat in the European Parliament with MEP Nicola Danti and the Secretary General of EDP Sandro Gozi, italian politician but elected as MEP in France, is a member of Italia Viva.

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👋🏻 I'm Sandro Gozi, the Secretary General of the EDP.

● Change for Europe :
A genuine transnational democracy.

● Key achievements :
A more transparent and accountable political advertising in Europe.

Deputy Secretary General of EDP

From 2004 to 2010

Member of the European Parliament for France

Since 2020

Secretary General of EDP

Since 2021

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